The Med-Vet-Net Association’s Mission 

The Med-Vet-Net Association unites its members to promote a One-Health approach to combat zoonoses and support a healthy and sustainable food supply chain across Europe (and beyond) by: 

•    Sustaining and capitalising on common zoonoses research activities.
•    Dissemination of expertise, training and information.
•    Advocacy towards European and global stakeholders.

Med-Vet-Net Association Means of Action

The Association aims to promote scientific integration of medical, veterinary and food disciplines under the umbrella of One-Health by the following ten means of action:
•    To organize scientific meetings. 
•    To launch calls for scientific collaborative projects with a focus on One-Health funded by partners involved. 
•    To organize joint training courses and short-term missions. 
•    To develop a member accessible website and host specialized databases and data/information sharing tools.
•    To promote active communication including the dissemination of research results, promotion of scientific activities and achievements to relevant stakeholders via publications, website, news bulletins and networking.
•    To create and maintain strain collections and DNA/RNA libraries.
•    To prepare joint applications to European calls.
•    Advocacy with European and Global stakeholders: To sustain and increase liaisons with European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the European Food Safety Authority. To access relevant expertise and to forge and improve links with OIE/WHO/FAO.
•    To provide scientific evidence for risk assessors, risk managers and policy‑makers, including through the dissemination of outputs from workshops and joint collaborative projects.
•    To develop scientific collaboration that promotes skills development and harmonised tools and databases with non-EU partners