The development of research skills and expertise through training is a high priority for the Association and it has its own internal scientific agenda. Specific training activities in the form of short-term missions (STMs) and Workshops enable the provision of training for the Association's scientists, but also facilitates cooperation with partners outside of the Association, thereby disseminating knowledge, skills and harmonised tools both within the Association and with the external research community. The dissemination of scientific expertise via training and other networking opportunities (such as workshops) has immediate benefits to participating institutes, and in addition, can provide long-term benefits to the EU and its stakeholders through ensuring spread of harmonised techniques and sustainable scientific progress. 

Central to the Med-Vet-Net Association's goals to improve the understanding, prevention and control of zoonotic diseases is to raise awareness by the dissemination of knowledge both between scientists within the network as well as externally to academia, the public, media and policy makers. One way of disseminating information and gathering interested parties together to share expertise is through the organisation of scientific conferences, enabling presentation of science-based outcomes of research and integrated surveillance efforts of zoonotic diseases, including (re-)emerging and neglected zoonoses. The Med-Vet-Net Association has held five conferences since its establishment in 2009. The sixth conference will run under the auspices of the One health EJP on 22nd-24th May 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.