Workshops 2018-2019

Four workshops were funded during the previous call (2018-2019) and three reports have been received from Caroline leMarechal, Agnetha Hofhuis and Christopher Nichols.

Find their summary reports here.


Risks associated with animal botulism and ANIBOTNET final meeting

28th -29th  March 2019

OBJECTIVE: The aims of the workshop were:

  • To discuss the public health risks when considering botulism
  • To disseminate the results obtained during the ANIBOTNET project to other European research teams that were not involved in the project and to stakeholders
  • To strengthen and enlarge the existing research network



2nd HEVnet network meeting

18th  March 2019

During the second HEVnet meeting, we aimed to:

  • consolidate this new network collaboration, and recapitulate HEVnet achievements of the first year;
  • exchange ideas on new research activities, funding opportunities, ways to advertise HEVnet, and alignment to existing programmes such as the “EJP One Health” and possibly future initiatives such as “Horizon2020”;identify needs for further harmonization, e.g. HEV detection and subtyping.


Disinfection and foodborne zoonoses: A whole food chain approach

5th -6th  March 2019


OBJECTIVE: To bring together a group of international experts in the field of disinfection and biocides across the whole food chain. To discuss best practice, emerging threats, solutions and biosecurity. The focus will be on how disinfectants and biocides can best be used to tackle foodborne zoonoses at the farm, during slaughter, during processing and beyond.