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MedVetNet2015 UPDATE

Thanks to all who participated in MedVetNet2015 . We had a very enjoyable and productive meeting and updates from the meeting including some of the presentations will be available on very soon.  

The focus of the meeting this year was Global Challenges in Zoonoses: Combating Emerging Threats using a One-Health Approach. The MedVetNet2015 website hosted by ANSES will not have any more updates. They will all be posted here.

MedVetNet2015 addressed a number of new and emerging threats under 4 main symposia:

  • · Epidemiological surveillance and control of zoonoses

    · (re-)Emerging and neglected zoonotic agents

    · Impact of globalisation and climate change

    · One Health approaches to Antimicrobial resistance



The Link fhere shows the final programme