Programme outline



Registration and poster hanging

 50 min


Professor Roberto La Ragione, President Med-Vet-Net Association, Head of the Department of Pathology and Infectious Diseases, Director of the Veterinary Pathology Centre, School of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

 10 min


Professor Helen Griffiths, Executive Dean of Faculty, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

One health - One Medicine

 10 min


Session 1


 Chair: Dr Hein Imberechts (CODA-CERVA)



Dr Graeme Cooke, Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer (UK), London SW1P 3JR, UK

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KN01 - Identifying emerging threats through veterinary surveillance

 30 min



Dr Emma Snary, Head of the Department of Epidemiological Sciences, Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Addlestone, UK

Invited talk: ES32 - The iterative nature of risk assessment: putting theory into practice

 20 min


Professor Jeffrey Hoorfar, Research Group for Analytical and Predictive Microbiology, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

Invited talk: ES33 - Air sampling as an alternative tool for low- cost monitoring of pathogens

 20 min


Coffee break and posters

30 min

Session 2


Chair: Dr Arjen van de Giessen (RIVM)

30 min


Dr Simon Doherty, Specialist for the Agri-Tech Organisation of the UK Government Department for International trade

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KN02 - Innovation in combating zoonotic disease threats

30 min


Dr Joanna Lawes, Department of Epidemiological Sciences, Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Addlestone, UK

Invited talk: ES34 - Salmonella outbreak investigations: protecting public health

20 min


Professor David Gally, Division of Infection and Immunity, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Invited talk: ES35 - STEC O157 transmission biology and vaccine development

20 min


Dr Karin Artursson, National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Uppsala, Sweden

Offered paper: ES16 - Communicating One Health to the Public

15 min


Dr Niall De Lappe, GUH National Microbiology Reference Laboratory Services (Selected Pathogens), University Hospital Galway, Ireland

Offered paper: ES22 - Comparison of analysis of whole genome sequencing and conventional techniques for detection of Salmonella clusters

15 min


Lunch and posters



Session 3


Chair: Dr Victor Del Reo Vilas (University of Surrey)



Professor Diane Newell, Visiting Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey; and Foodborne Zoonoses Consultancy UK

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KN03 - New and (re-)emerging zoonoses - what difference has 13 years made?

40 min


Dr Mark Atkins, Microbiology Lead, Surrey Pathology Services, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Ashford and St Peter's Foundation Trust, Surrey UK

Invited talk: EZ21 Lyme disease - neglected epidemic or fake news

20 min


Dr Clazien de Vos, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Department of Bacteriology and Epidemiology, Lelystad, The Netherlands

Offered paper: EZ03 - A One Health approach to identify drivers of emerging zoonoses

15 min


Dr Mahesh Kumar, VP Global Biologics Research, Zoetis

Invited talk: EZ22 - Avian influenza – challenges to the continuous development of effective vaccines

20 min


Tea break and posters

30 min

Session 4


Chair: Dr Dan Horton (University of Surrey)



Dr Ilaria Di Bartolo, ISS FAO Reference Centre for Veterinary Public Health, Rome, Italy

Invited talk: Animal reservoirs and foodborne transmission of zoonotic hepatitis E virus

20 min


Dr Muriel Coulpier, UMR Virology, ENVA (National Veterinary School of Alfort), France

Offered paper: EZ07 - Pathological modelling of tick-borne encephalitis virus infection using primary human brain cells derived from fetal neural progenitors

15 min


Professor Christian Menge, Leader, Federal Institute for Animal Health, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI), and Leader, Institute for Molecular Pathogenesis (IMP), Jena, Germany

Invited talk: Genetic patterns associated with Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli colonization in the bovine host

20 min


Professor Karen A Krogfelt, Head of research unit , Dept for Bacteria, Parasites & Fungi, Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Copenhagen, Denmark

Invited talk: Leptospirosis in humans - Is there a problem ?

20 min

17:00 -18:30


Open discussion forum: One Health – Developing practical strategies for strengthening publicprivate partnerships and innovation in One Health for reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

1h 30 min

18:30 - 20:00




Session 5



Chairs: Dr André Jestin (ANSES) and Dr Hendrik-Jan Roest (Wageningen Bioveterinary Research)

1h 15 min


Sarah Golding, University of Surrey, School of Psychology, Guildford UK

Offered paper: AR01 - Exploring beliefs about antibiotic use in livestock amongst farm animal veterinarians

15 min


Weronica Korpysa-Dzirba, National Veterinary Research Institute, Department of Hygiene of Food of Animal Origin, 24-100 Puławy, Poland

Offered paper: EZ11 - Molecular characteristics of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus isolated from raw milk in Poland

15 min


Robert Söderlund, National Veterinary Institute (SVA)

Offered paper: EZ19 - Passerine birds as a source of early spring salmonellosis in humans and domestic cats

15 min


Ewa Bilska-Zajac, National Veterinary Research Institute in Pulawy, Department of Parasitology and Invasive Diseases, 24-100, Pulawy, Poland

Offered paper: ES02 - Current epidemiological situation of trichinellosis in Poland

15 min


Morgane Salines, ANSES, Ploufragan/Plouzané Laboratory, Swine Epidemiology and Welfare Research Unit, Ploufragan, France 

Offered paper: ES23 - Swine movement network and hepatitis E virus (HEV) prevalence in pig production: towards a risk-based surveillance

15 min


Professor George Gunn, SRUC Professor of Population Medicine and Zoonoses, SRUC Research Team Leader and Head of Veterinary Epidemiology, SRUC, Inverness

Invited talk: BD10 - Big data and opportunities for animal health (this talk forms part of the theme on big data and digital information)

20 min


Coffee break and Poster session

1h 20 min


Session 6


Chair: Professor Alex Cook (University of Surrey)



Dr Rimma Driscoll, Vice President, Business Development and Commercial Alliances, Zoetis

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KN04 - Digital Innovation for Animal Health

20 min


Professor Alex Cook, Head of Department of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey, UK

Invited talk: BD06 – Digital innovation in animal health: opportunities, barriers and drivers

20 min


Dr Fernanda Dorea, National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Uppsala, Sweden

Offered paper: BD03 - Intelligent use of data by computers for surveillance: the case for ontologies

15 min


Lunch and posters

1h 10 min


Dr Steven Van Borm, Molecular Platform, Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Center, CODA-CERVA-VAR, Brussels, Belgium

Invited talk: BD07 - The diagnostic added value of massive parallel sequencing data in veterinary virology

20 min


Nadejda Lupolova, PhD student, Division of Infection and Immunity,The Roslin Institute & R(D)SVS, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Offered paper: BD09 - Machine learning for bacterial source attribution and assessment of zoonotic potential

20 min


Dr Phil Godsiff, Senior Research Fellow, Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey

Invited talk: BD11 - How could implementing Blockchain technology impact the livestock value chain?

20 min


Dr Muna Anjum, Molecular Lead in AMR and Enteric Pathogens, Dept. of Bacteriology, APHA, New Haw, Addlestone; and Honorary Associate Professor; Microbial and Infection Unit, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Invited talk: BD08 - Big data pipelines for zoonotic pathogens

20 min


Tea break and posters

30 min


Session 8


Chair: Dr Jono Betts (University of Surrey)



Dr Steve Wearne, Director of Policy for the Food Standards Agency (FSA), London, UK

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KN05 - Antimicrobial Resistance – Food System Challenges

40 min


Professor Dik Mevius, Head of the National Reference Laboratory on Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR), the Netherlands

Invited talk: AR21 - Carbapenemases in animals. An emerging threat?

20 min


Dr André Jestin, ANSES, France; Prof Ann Lindberg, SVA, Sweden;

Dr Hein Imberechts, CODA-CERVA, Belgium

EJP Presentation

35 min


Bus from Surrey Sports Park to Loseley Park

GALA DINNER at Loseley Park


DAY 3 - THURSDAY 29th June


take down posters

50 min


Session 9


Chair: Prof Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn (Complutense University of Madrid)



Professor Constance Schultsz, Department of Global Health – AIGHD and Department of Medical Microbiology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Invited talk: AR22 - Antimicrobial resistance at the human-animal interface in southern Vietnam

20 min


Dr Colin Birch, Department of Epidemiological Sciences, Animal and Plant Health Agency, UK

Offered paper: AR12 - Evaluation of scanning surveillance for antimicrobial resistance in the UK

15 min


Ayla Hesp, Department of Bacteriology and Epidemiology, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Lelystad, the Netherlands

Offered paper: AR06 - Quantitative trend analysis of eighteen years of monitoring data of AMR in livestock in commensal E. coli in the Netherlands

15 min


Anita Dame-Korevaar, Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Offered paper: AR05 Dose-response of ESBL/AmpC-E. coli colonization and excretion in young broiler chicks

15 min


Professor Annemarie Käsbohrer, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Head of Unit Epidemiology, Zoonoses and Antimicrobial Resistance, National Reference Laboratory for Antimicrobial Resistance Department Biological Safety, Berlin, Germany

Invited talk: AR23 - VIM-1 producing Enterobacteriaceae from German livestock: what is going on?

20 min


Dr Victor Del Reo Vilas, (University of Surrey)

Presentation: A prospect theory application to One Health (surveillance)

10 min


Coffee break and take down posters if any still up

30 min

Session 10 10:55-12:20

Chair: Dr Anne Ridley (APHA)



Dr Carina Brehony, Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbial Ecology Group, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland, Galway

Offered paper: AR16 - Similar strains of New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae isolated from recreational water, sewage, and clinical specimens in Ireland

15 min


Apostolos Liakopoulos, CVI Wageningen

Offered paper: AR20 - Plasmid epidemiology of SHV-12-producing Escherichia coli from animal origin: X factor(s) of an emerging plasmid family

15 min


Prof Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, SPAIN

Offered paper: AR25 - Ecology and Evolution of AMR

20 min


Dr Carlos Gonçalo das Neves, Section Leader/Senior Research Scientist, Veterinærinstituttet, Oslo, Norway

Offered paper: AR26 - Monitoring antimicrobial resistance in the Norwegian environment using wild animals as indicators

15 min


Dr Jean-Yves Madec, Research Director at the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Health Safety (Anses) Lyon, France

Invited talk: AR24 - Human transfer of antimicrobial resistance through food

20 min


Award Presentation and Closing

10 min



1 h





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