The overall objective of the Med-Vet-Net Association is to sustain and further enhance the integration of veterinary and public health research on zoonoses by (i) sharing and harmonising scientific methods, tools and materials (ii) promoting mobility of researchers to develop and share knowledge (iii) disseminating information on scientific activities to the partners, public and stakeholders and (iv) expanding the network to include other institutions in the enlarged EU and beyond.The effective and strategic integration of scientific research activities on zoonoses, knowledge management, joint publications, workshops and training opportunities was achieved through the “virtual institute” developed during the EC Framework Programme 6 (FP-6) Network Of Excellence Med-Vet-Net. These activities continue and expand between members in The Association – see our Scientific Activities. The cross-sectoral rhetoric embedded in the Med-Vet-Net Association with a basis in the long-standing European tradition for dealing with zoonoses through a farm-to-fork optic now commonly known as The ‘One World, One Health’ concept, often referred to simply as ‘One-Health’, has become an increasingly central idea in both veterinary and public health. The Med-Vet-Net Association has established experience of cross-sectoral collaborations across a wide range of disciplines and the Association is well placed to provide this expertise at the global level.